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Cavosonstat (N91115)

Phase Two

Phase Two

Therapeutic Approach

Restore CFTR Function

Cavosonstat (N91115) is a new compound that modulates the function of the defective CFTR protein and decreases inflammation in the lung. N91115 is the first of a new class of compounds that increase levels of an important signalling molecule in the body, called S-nitroglutathione or GNSO. Levels of GNSO have been shown to be decreased in people with CF. These novel compounds have been shown to increase the amount of CFTR protein that reaches the cell surface and to stabilise the CFTR protein so that its function can be improved.


Two phase 2 studies of Cavosonstat (N91115) in people failed to demonstrate any benefit in primary endpoint (change in lung function) v comparator. No further clinical devleopment is planned at this time.


The program was sponsored by Nivalis Therapeutics Inc. and was conducted within CFFT's Therapeutics Development Network.

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